The Best Vegetable Choppers for 2019

The Best Vegetable Choppers for 2019

Whether you’re an amateur cook, or taking steps to be a professional chef, there’s something to be said for having good knife skills in the kitchen when preparing your ingredients. While that’s certainly true, appliances and tools like vegetable choppers are just as essential.

Are you in the market for a new vegetable chopper, or don’t really know where to start? We’ve got you covered. Below, you’ll find a list of the best vegetable choppers available, covering all of the main types you may or may not be familiar with.

We’ll start with our top picks, and then close with some buying advice of you need some help deciding what your kitchen’s needs are.

Let’s kick things off with our overall favorite vegetable chopper.

The Best Vegetable Chopper

Winner: Progressive International PL8-1000 Mandoline Slicer

It’s not often that you find kitchen tools that offer as much value as the Progressive International PL8-1000 Mandoline Slicer, but this mandoline is about much more than just value. With its meticulous design, and high-quality materials, the PL8-1000 outperforms mandolines costing two and three times as much.

The PL8-1000’s main advantage here is simplicity.

It provides you with everything you need from a traditional mandoline, with some strategic tweaks and features thrown in to make it all easier, with precise cutting results each time.

A textured vegetable holder is included to give you proper grip of your ingredient, while ensuring the necessary amount of safety as well.

Stainless steel is used for the deck and all cutting blades, and they are definitely sharp. The body and legs are made from rigid and durable ABS plastic, giving the PL8-1000 a very stable stance that helps ensure your cutting is safe and precise.

The overall feel is certainly restaurant-leve, which is a combination of the actual shape and profile of the mandoline, along with the proper amount of slope provided by the legs, which also have no-slip grips for added safety and stability.

Adjustments to the cutting size can be made in a matter of seconds by using the knobs on the side of the mandoline. You can choose between a thicker 7mm cut, or a paper-thin 1mm cut.

Furthermore, you also get two different types of julienne options, which is done by rotating the direction of the cutting blade in the center. Aside from basic straight cuts, the PL8-1000 comes with two different waffle cut styles as well, giving you ability to make decorative cuts in seconds.

After you’re done cutting, the mandoline’s legs fold up to give it a flat profile so you can store it away easier. All of the main parts are removable and machine washable, so the clean-up process is a lot more seamless.

Overall, the Progressive International PL8-1000 Mandoline Slicer is a formidable product that gives your kitchen a sense of professionalism from its operation and feel when being used. This mandoline can make quick work out of a ton of different ingredients, with the same results every time. It’s easy to use, highly affordable, and will last for years to come.

Runner-Up: OXO Good Grips Mandoline Slicer

OXO is no stranger to taking simplistic and minimal approaches to their kitchen tools, and the Good Grips Mandoline Slicer is a great example of what the company is so good at. And while this mandoline is a little more expensive than others in its class, the price is very justified.

The Good Grips Mandoline Slicer has a sleek look that makes it very appealing from the moment you place it on the counter or work space. The slanted stance and black body are the perfect aesthetic for what this mandoline is capable of.

​As with any traditional mandoline, this one is completely manual, and comes with a vegetable holder you can use to secure the ingredient as you slice it along the deck and blade.

The holder is easy to use, and gives you the grip needed to achieve consistent slices without putting your hand at risk.

The entire mandoline is crafted from metal, with the deck and blades being made from stainless steel. There is a rear handle with a soft grip to hold the mandolin in place during use, and rubber pieces on the bottom of the legs and body to prevent the Good Grips slicer from slipping.

The actual width of the cutting surface is 6.5 inches, so you have more than enough room for larger ingredients without feeling crammed. You can make simple straight cuts with the blade, or swap it out for two different julienne slice options. There are also two different waffle cut blades.

A convenient dial on the side of the mandoline’s body offers quick thickness adjustments with a simple turn. The dial lets you take the cut thickness all the way down to an 1/8th of in inch — perfect for dishes like au gratin potatoes.

When you’re done, any unattached parts can be removed and run through a dishwasher cycle, and that includes the body of the mandoline as well. When it’s time to store it, just fold down the legs and you’re good to go.

The OXO Good Grips Mandoline Slicer doesn’t offer any groundbreaking designs or features, opting instead to focus on feel, precision, convenience, and ease of use. The result is a professional-level mandoline that will make anyone’s life in the kitchen much more easier.

Alternative: Mueller Austria V-Pro Mandoline Slicer

If you’re someone who wants to add a mandoline to your kitchen’s inventory of tools, but don’t necessarily require a large, more expensive version that’s more on a professional level, the Mueller Austria V-Pro Mandoline Slicer is the perfect solution.

This efficient and versatile mandoline may be more affordable than others, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality and performance. This mandoline can do it all, and offers the same user-friendly aspects and consistent results found with pricier models. It also takes up less space — something those with small kitchens and less storage options will appreciate.

​The V-Pro has a smaller profile than full-sized mandolines, but it still has a comparable cutting surface, measuring 6 inches across. It comes with a vegetable holder with small prongs on the cutting side to help hold your ingredient in place as you slice it, without any risk to your hands.

The body is constructed from durable ABS plastic that can definitely handle a beating over time, and holds the surgical stainless steel cutting blades firmly in place. Each leg of the V-Pro has no-slip grips for added stability and safety.

The mandoline comes with a total of five different blade choices, which includes straight, wavy, grater, shredder, and a coarse shredder. Each blade can be swapped out by removing the entire assembly, and replacing it with a different one.

Cutting thickness is adjusted separately. This is done by turning a dial on the side of the body, and allows for cuts anywhere from 1mm, up to 9mms thick — slightly more variance than you’ll often see with other models.

The blades themselves are noticeably sharp, and make cutting any ingredients a breeze, no matter what you are cutting up.

Simply put, the Mueller Austria V-Pro is an easy and economical way to add a high-quality mandoline to your kitchen, helping to make prep work much more quick and convenient. More so, it takes up only a small amount of room, and offers significant savings at the same time, making it accessible to most budgets.

Best Electric Vegetable Chopper

Winner: Presto 029790 SaladShooter Electric Slicer/Shredder

Although certainly not a new invention, the SaladShooter is an endearing and well-known kitchen gadget that went from a niche product with the “As Seen on TV” label, to a viable and respected vegetable/food chopper that has numerous uses. The Presto 029790 SaladShooter Electric Slicer/Shredder is a testament to what make this product line so great.

Innovative, convenient, efficient, and even a little bit fun, the 029790 SaladShooter is an ally to any kitchen, regardless of your skill level or cooking preferences. This device can cut down your prep time significantly, while reducing mess, and offering consistency.

​The 029790 SaladShooter is very simple to use. You place your ingredient into the opening in the chute on top, aim the front spout to wherever you’d like the cut pieces to go, turn it on, and watch it get to work. Perfectly-sliced pieces are delivered out of the front and onto your dish.

While the word “salad” is obviously in the name, you can use the 029790 SaladShooter for any number of things, including cheeses, nuts, cured meats, and more.

This makes it very versatile, and suitable for much more than just cutting up salad ingredients.

​The 029790 SaladShooter is made with a combination of plastic and metal, and has a sturdy, rigid feel that can hold up to plenty of use over time. The handle is comfortable, the on/off button is easily within reach, and the chute is simple to operate.

An adjustable food guide inside the chute can be used to help keep food in place as it makes its way to the blade, saving you from having to constantly stop and guide it yourself.

You get a variety of blades with the SaladShooter as well. This includes the basic blade, a thick blade, a ripple cut blade, and a shredder/grater. The blades are loaded in the front of the spout, and are quickly changed out by unscrewing the front ring that holds them in place.

Although the 029790 SaladShooter isn’t a traditional vegetable chopper, and does have some small limitations in comparison, it’s great for making quick work out of a number of foods with little effort, and definitely perfect for salad ingredients. My opinion? Every kitchen should have one. The low price makes this possible.

Runner-up: Hamilton Beach ChefPrep Food Processor

If you’re serious about making great dishes in your kitchen, a quality food processor is an absolute must in every way. These time-tested appliances have been around for years, which means you have way too many to choose from.

Take our advice and go with the Hamilton Beach ChefPrep Food Processor. This product offers you all of the core functions a good food processor should possess, and combines it with quality materials, ease of use, convenience, and durability. And the best part? You don’t have to spend a lot for it.

​The ChefPrep chops, purees, slices, liquifies, and shreds without any hesitation, and can handle a number of ingredients that you would have a tedious time dealing with by hand.

It comes with several different cutting options, and can powers through multiple tasks in a manner of minutes, thanks to the 525 watts it operates off of.

The bowl of the ChefPrep holds up to 10 cups, so you have all the room you need to cut a number of different ingredients up before transferring them elsewhere.

 The S-blade inside the bowl can be used to quickly chop and puree ingredients.

For other tasks, you can choose from the two included cutting discs that are used on the top part of the ChefPrep. One reversible disc offers coarse shredding and slicing, while the other offers fine shredding and crinkle cuts. To use, simply place food inside the chute, and use the guider to push it down and into the blade, where cut pieces are deposited into the bowl.

When operating, you have two different automatic speeds at your disposal, and you can also take advantage of a pulse option to give you more control whenever it’s needed.

The bowl and blades are dishwasher-safe, making the dreaded cleanup process a lot faster, and a lot easier. The bowl is also very durable, and can withstand the occasional drop. After you’re done using the ChefPrep, the cord can be hidden with the bottom part of the body for a cleaner look and storage.

If you don’t already have a food processor in your kitchen, or you’re looking for an affordable upgrade, the Hamilton Beach ChefPrep should be a no-brainer. This food processor provides quality and consistency every time you use it, and offers the right amount of control during use, along with several cutting options. You can’t go wrong with this one.

Do You Really Need a Vegetable Chopper?

If you ever prepare food in your home, the answer is a resounding “yes”. Vegetable choppers are not a cheat or shortcut that are avoided by actual chefs and cooks. In fact, the most renowned chefs in the world use a variety of vegetable choppers almost every time they are in the kitchen.

That’s because vegetable choppers offer a way to shave a lot of time off of prep work, which is even more handy when you’re making a large amount of food.

Choped Vegetable

But that’s not the only reason. These gadgets also provide a way to achieve consistent results with little effort, giving you a way to do things like slice up an entire cucumber with perfectly even slices in seconds, or dice an onion you’d otherwise spend several minutes on.

Vegetable choppers like food processors can even accomplish some tasks that you would be hard-pressed to do by hand.

So yes, if you want to cook better, save time, and do more things with your ingredients, a vegetable chopper is a must.

Features To Consider

Vegetable choppers come in many different forms, and have a lot of variance in terms of type, materials, the functions they offer, and so on. Here are the top features and aspects to think about beforehand prior to purchasing one.


This should be your first aspect to cross off the list. Vegetable choppers have different classifications, most of which are in regards to how they operate, and what they can actually do.

The most common vegetable choppers include:


These choppers are a familiar sight in kitchens everywhere. A mandoline chopper typically has a downward angle, and sits upright on a surface. To use it, you slide the vegetable down the cutting deck towards the blade, which is in the center.

These choppers offer a fast and precise way to chop up a number of ingredients, and usually have different blades you can change out for different styles of cuts. They are often quite adjustable for the thickness level too, which makes them good for achieving very thin and fine cuts.

Hand-Held Choppers

Although many associate salad shooters with hand-held choppers, there are actually many different forms on the market. Like the name says, you hold the chopper in your hand and operate it with the other, either by motor, or by turning a handle to move the blades.

These choppers are convenient and easy to use, but are somewhat limited when it comes to the size and style of slice they can produce.

Food Processors

Food processors are a popular and common appliance found in most kitchens. They have an operation that’s similar to a blender in some aspects, with the added advantage of being able to slice and shred ingredients as well, giving them more versatility.

The bowl portion of a food processor has a small blade in the center that can chop ingredients, or be left on longer to puree them. The top portion has a chute where you can feed ingredients to a spinning disc that has any number of cutting choices.


The choice of materials used for a vegetable chopper can make a big difference in how effective it is, along with its level of durability. Never accept anything less than stainless steel for blades, and prioritize ABS plastic for any chopper with plastic parts. Mandolines with all-metal bodies typically offer more stability and longevity as well.



The actual functions available on a vegetable chopper can vary greatly, even among models within the same type.

For choppers such as mandolines, try to look for products that offer multiple cutting options, and not just the typical straight slice. High-quality mandolines will have specialized julienne blades, and should also be able to let you adjust the thickness of the cut for more versatility.

With food processors, try to find products that have multiple cutting choices for the top disc portion. This will give you the ability to shred cheese, slice cucumbers, dice onions, liquify tomatoes — all with the same appliance.

The same goes with hand-held choppers: the more cutting options, the better.

Ease of Cleaning

Cleaning Mandoline

Kitchen cleanup is always the worst part, and there’s nothing more annoying than having to deconstruct a chopper and get out all the little tiny bits of vegetables after you’re done.

Try to opt for choppers that have dishwasher-safe parts, and let you remove blades and bowls (if applicable) without any hassle. Otherwise, all that time you saved by using the chopper will be wasted during cleanup.

Ease of Use

Nobody likes to used kitchen gadgets and appliances that are either hard to figure out, or make adjustments difficult.

Quality vegetable choppers will be fairly self-explanatory from the first time you use them, and offer convenient ways to make adjustments to the types of cuts, swap out blades, change the thickness of the cuts, and so on.


If you’re someone who’s a bit in the dark about vegetable choppers and food processors, you should hopefully have a much better idea about why you need one, and what you can do with them. Our picks listed above cover all the main types, so there’s something for every preference.

All of our picks come with a full recommendation, so feel free to buy with confidence. We hope our direction and advice have saved you some time, while also offering some insight as to what you need, and how you can benefit going forward.

Good luck, and happy cooking!

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