Presto 02970 Professional SaladShooter Electric Slicer/Shredder Review

Presto 02970 Professional SaladShooter Electric Slicer-Shredder Review
Presto 02970 Professional SaladShooter Salad Shooters


​​Around $90 - Available on


​Ease of Use, Dishwasher Safe, Quality Feel, Efficent


​No ​ability to make ultra thin slices


​It’s economical, fast, easy to use, cuts down on messes, and entirely convenient.

​​Our Rating


The SaladShooter was a revolutionary kitchen tool in many ways when it first debuted, combining several aspects of food cutting and chopping into a very convenient and modern gadget that was actually somewhat enjoyable to use in many ways.

Many years have passed from when the SaladShooter first hit the shelves, and the product itself has remained mostly the same — but this is a good thing. Presto got it right the first time, so it’s no surprise that the newest version is better than ever, making the Presto 02970 SaladShooter a great purchase for anyone looking for more convenience in the kitchen.

​The Presto 02970 SaladShooter

The Presto 02970 SaladShooter can handle more than just vegetables. Cheeses, fruits, and nuts are just a few more examples of what can be quickly cut and chopped in a number of different ways, right into your bowl, plate, pizza, salad, and so on.

Operation is simple. Just drop the ingredient in the top chute, aim the front spout, and turn it on. The food is quickly chopped and sent out the front end into wherever you have it aimed, saving you plenty of time and mess.

The 02970 SaladShooter is made from sturdy plastic and metal, and has a comfortable handle with the on/off button in close proximity. The container has an adjustable food guide inside that keeps the food upright as it’s cut down, and is big enough to hold an entire russet potato.

The SaladShooter comes with four different cones that have different cutting blades, giving you control on the size and type of cut. This includes a regular blade, thick blade, ripple cut blade, and a shredder/grater.

Changing the cones takes a few seconds, and is done by unscrewing a ring on the spout, which unlocks the cone. Once removed, you just slide the cone of choice inside, screw the ring back on, and you’re all set.

What We Like

The SaladShooter is very easy to use, and very efficient. It’s also honestly kind of fun to shoot your ingredients right onto your dish. With that said, the 02970 SaladShooter makes quick work of whatever you place inside, always consistent, and leaves little mess, if any. The cones themselves are also dishwasher-safe, so cleanup is a breeze.

What Needs Work

This is a simple food chopper with simple uses, and it does everything well. It’s tough to really think of any negatives, aside from being limited in terms of making ultra-thin slices.

Buying Advice

The SaladShooter is not as versatile or customizable as perhaps a mandoline, but if you just need a fast and easy way to cut up ingredients in a few basic ways, you’ll love it.

The Verdict

The SaladShooter has remained popular for a reason. It’s economical, fast, easy to use, cuts down on messes, and entirely convenient. And although it doesn’t offer a lot of options for making a wide range of cuts and thickness, the Presto 02970 SaladShooter excels in what it was made for. It’s an exceptional compliment to any kitchen.

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