Mueller Austria V-Pro Mandoline Slicer Review

Mueller Austria V-Pro Mandoline Slicer Review
Mueller Austria V-Pro Multi Review


​​Around $30 - Available on


​Low Price, Good range of blades and cuttings


​Cheap Plastic Feel


​Holds up very well against more expensive models, and most home cooks will be perfectly happy

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Mandolines come in many different designs and styles these days, giving buyers more options than ever. And while you can certainly go out and spend a decent amount of money on some more expensive models out on the market, there’s also some great mandolines for a fraction of the price.

A good example of this is the Mueller Austria V-Pro Mandoline Slicer, a highly popular mandoline that’s just as known for its superior cutting ability and versatility as it is for its low price.

The V-Pro Is A Manual Mandoline

The V-Pro is a manual mandoline, and is moderately-sized at just over 13 inches long and 6 inches across. Its cutting surface and blade choices are all made from surgical-grade steel, with the body of the mandoline made from durable ABS plastic. No-slip grips are on all four of the legs.

The mandoline is operated just like any other, and gives you the option of cutting the vegetable by holding it and sliding it down the deck, or using a handheld slicing guard with small prongs to guide the vegetable down the blade. A knob on the side adjusts the thickness of the cut, anywhere from 1 to 9mms.

Mueller Austria V-Pro Multi Eating

You also get five blade choices that you can swap out on the deck itself. This includes a general slicer blade, wavy blade, grater, shredder, and a course shredder. Changing blades is relatively seamless, and takes just a few seconds. The design of each blade gives you a lot of control over how the final product turns out.

When you’re done cutting, you can remove the blades and wash them by hand, and then place the body into the dishwasher. The back legs fold down for easy storage.

What We Like

Despite being a lower-priced mandoline, the V-Pro has one of the widest ranges of thickness you’ll come across. It’s also one of the easiest to adjust on the fly. The variance in blade choices are a major plus as well.

What Needs Work

The use of plastic for the body does give it a bit of a cheaper feel, but it doesn’t detract away from the overall performance when you’re cutting food up. If you prefer larger, heavier, chef-level mandolines, you may want to look elsewhere.

Buying Advice

Mueller Austria V-Pro Multi Replacments

The blades themselves are incredibly sharp. If you don’t believe me, take a look at some of the Amazon reviews. All I’ll say is be sure to always use the slicing guard.

The Verdict

The Mueller Austria V-Pro isn’t the flashiest of mandolines, but it holds up very well against more expensive models, and most home cooks will be perfectly happy with what it offers.

The low price point, slightly smaller size, and different blade choices are all great benefits, making the V-Pro the best choice for anyone looking for an affordable way to add a quality mandoline to their kitchen inventory.

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